A simple, inventive and virtually universal smart phone mount to record your workout.

As the virtual world continues to evolve; remote athletic training instruction is gaining more popularity.
Perchmount Fit can help anyone improve their technique in basic and difficult athletic movements through hands free smart phone video capture. Perchmount Fit is design to effortlessly clamp most smart phones securely and can either mount to a metal lifting rack or can be used as a kickstand atop a table or a box.

Perchmount Fit
can be coupled with the Second’s App made by Runloop limited to help aide in interval training. Second’s & Second’s Pro App’s make it possible for an athlete to follow specific rest and work intervals without investing in an expensive clock timer.

Whether you are an experienced CrossFitter who wants to make sure you are performing the essential movements properly or a virtual coach who wants to help clients make the most gains; Perchmount Fit is a perfect tool for taking your athletic performance to the next level.